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Official Rules


  • The My Friendly Rewards program is open to all customers who have purchased a new or used vehicle from Friendly Honda (Poughkeepsie, NY) starting in 2006, Friendly Acura starting in December 2015 and Friendly Honda of Fayetteville (Fayetteville, NY) starting in August 2019.
  • Friendly customers who purchased their vehicle before the start dates listed or are only service customers, can still earn points and FriendlyCash through the My Friendly Rewards program. (Do not qualify for the FREE Perks)
  • Only one account allowed per individual (if individual purchased multiple vehicles, points will be posted to one account)
  • Pertains to the original owner and is non-transferable.
  • Participants must have a valid U.S. license.
  • Fleet purchases are not eligible to participate in program.
  • Restrictions do apply to participants under the age of 21*.

Program Period

  • The My Friendly Rewards program is an ongoing customer loyalty program.  
  • Points and FriendlyCASH earned in this program may be carried forward from year to year and may be redeemed as soon and as often as you like.

How to Earn

  • Present your rewards card every time you make a purchase in our Service or Parts Dept.
  • You will earn 1 point for every dollar spent and these points turn into FriendlyCASH. For every 100 points accumulated you will earn $5.00 in FriendlyCASH.
  • FriendlyCASH can be used on parts, services, and towards a vehicle purchase.
  • Check your rewards balance anytime by clicking the “Check My Balance” link on the toolbar.
  • No points earned when purchasing a new or used vehicle.

 How To Redeem

  • Once you’ve earn $5.00 or more in FriendlyCASH you are eligible to redeem.
  • Must present rewards card at time of purchase to receive credit from your account.
  • Value earned on the My Friendly Rewards card cannot be redeemed for cash.

General Rules

  • Reward points or FriendlyCASH have no expiration date. However, Friendly reserves the right to cancel the program at any time and without notice. Any points and FriendlyCASH accumulated will become expired and no longer valid for redemption.
  • Friendly reserves the right to modify the My Friendly Rewards program rules, benefits and conditions of participation at any time and without notice.
  • Points or FriendlyCASH are non-transferable from one account to any other earnings account.
  • Friendly Rewards cards cannot be combined.
  • FriendlyCASH earned on rewards card cannot be redeemed for cash and can only be used at any one of the participating dealerships.
  • No points accumulated when purchasing a new or used vehicle.
  • To receive a referral fee the car buyer must be a first time buyer at one of the participating dealerships, not live in the same household as the referee and indicate the referees full name at time of sale.  
  • Entrant assumes full responsibility for any late, lost, and/or misdirected mail or e-mail corresponding to this program.
  • Friendly can cancel this program at any time and without notice. Any points or FriendlyCash accumulated will become expired and no longer valid for redemption.
  • Data furnished may be used to bring relevant and valuable offers from Friendly and its partners.
  • Friendly is not responsible for any lost or stolen, damaged or authorized card use.
  • Friendly reserves the right to terminate an individual’s account if the participant fails to follow program rules. This may result in future disqualification from program participation and will be determined solely by Friendly.  
  • Entrant accepts and agrees to be bound by these rules and the decisions of Friendly which will be final in all respects.
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